The Awesome Experience!

We will start with a great boat ride to sit back and relax in on the way out. We will listen to tunes and enjoy the wildlife as the Dolphins, Pelicans, and Birds follow the boat.

On the way out, if the bait are around we will throw a cast net to catch our bait.  What a thrill to see a net full of bait.  The kids (and adults) will get a kick out of picking up the strays that miss the live well. Slimy little suckers!

When we fish around a shrimp boat the Dolphins and birds are everywhere.  It’s an awesome sight to see.

We’ll catch Grouper, Snapper, Cobia, Sea Bass and Tripletail, not to mention sharks.  I said not to mention sharks! Yes, they are out there!

Get a hold of a Nurse Shark and you will feel like you are trying to pull up the bottom of the ocean.  They are very docile fish and very beautiful not to mention fun to catch and release.
The Sailfish are out there too.  They became Florida’s official saltwater fish in 1975  because they are so popular and fun to catch. A fight with one of them is an adrenaline rush that will keep you high for days, especially if they get active and jump for you.
The Captain and his First Mate will keep you entertained and on the ready for the fish. Expect fun in the sun and shelter with an enclosed deck of isinglass in case of, well, the elements.

It will be an experience you will not soon forget!